“FantasMoji” Uses Facial Recognition To Create Hilarious And Fun Animated Emojis From Selfies And Photographs

FantasMoji available now for iPhone

While emojis add fun and flair to any conversation, after a while even the biggest library of expressions and icons gets boring and predictable. Fortunately, that’s a problem that the developers at Picartio Inc. have solved with their delightful — and certainly unique — new app FantasMoji.

FantasMoji’s initial users are very excited about the app and are already offering rave reviews and enthusiastic feedback:

“These animated emoji’s are so much fun, and add real personality to my conversations.”

“Having my own face animate in an emoji has astounded my friends & colleagues!”

“I genuinely enjoy Messaging and Social Media more — and get more responses — now that I can show-off the amazing emoji’s I’ve created.”

Available from the App Store at no cost, FantasMoji lets anyone create personalized and customized animated emojis. The 4-step process is fast and simple, and requires absolutely no prior graphic design or photo editing ability. Here’s how it works:

1. Users take a picture or selfie with their iPhone, or choose a picture from their camera roll. For example, they can select their favorite celebrity, best friend, least favorite politician, evil boss, and so on.

2. After a single tap and within seconds, FantasMoji’s innovative face recognition technology automatically coverts the picture into multiple unique, creative and often hilarious animated emojis that add motion to eyes, mouth, face, tongue — and so on.

3. Next, users toggle various filters or add text to craft and customize their animated emojis.

4. Finally, without having to exit the app users share their animated emojis via Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger or WeChat (note: the emojis animate when…

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