Famous Russian Spies

Russian spies arrested in US make people all over the world to memorize the world’s most famous spies. In particular, the FBI has arrested spies for serving as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence organ, the SVR with a view to penetrating U.S government policymaking circles. After lots of years for secret investigation, the U.S Justice Department claimed and sentenced “talented” spies of Soviet Union. Below are the “deepest-cover” suspects for the world’s most famous spies.


Anna Chapman, also known as the “Lady in Red”, was accused of revealing secret information of U.S in June, 2010. Chapman is now 28 years old and has a Master degree; besides, she ran her own online real-estate business


Robert Philip Hanssen is a former American FBI agent spying for Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States for 22 years. Hanssen was arrested February 18, 2001 for being a bridge to deliver documents to his Russian handler


Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were the full members of the American Communist Party working for conspiracy to commit espionage in 1953. They gave military secrets to the Soviet military in a conspiracy with Ethel’s brother, Sgt. David Greenglass


Lavrenti Beria was known as a Georgian Soviet politician, and the chief of the Soviet security and secret police agency. He is among the most dreaded and odious figures of the Stalin era heading the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs



Elizabeth Terrill Bentley was an American spy for the Soviet Union among the 1930s and 1940s . Bentley made use of her position to collect information on Mussolini’s government, then passed it on to the Italian Communist Party


Kim Philby or Harold Adrian Russell Philby was a high-ranking member of British intelligence working as a spy for the Soviet Union. The information given to USSR by Philby did great damages to British intelligence during the Cold War of the 1940’s and 1950’s




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