Famous Black Women Who Changed the Course of History

When we think of famous black women, the majority of them are somewhere in the entertainment industry.  Our society has come a long way and strides are being made to acknowledge women for more than their beauty, but for their brains.  The male ego has suppressed the female but her intellect prevails for every man has a woman as their first teacher.

I want to acknowledge first that women are more intelligent than men.  Men just rule by brawn, not brains.  In ancient Egypt, there are stories of the greatness that women displayed.  These women were honored as deities for their wit as well as their intellect.

You have women like Isis.  She has great prominence in the Egyptian culture. She was known for outsmarting RE, also called RA.  In her attempt to gain power, she was able to concoct a poison which crippled RE.  She convinced him to give her a portion of his secret name, which gave her a certain level of power, in exchange for the antidote to the poison.

You also had women like Sekhmet, also called Sakhamtet.  Her name alone means power.  She was a great scientist responsible for the grafting of man.  She was a geneticist who also created the lesser Y chromosome from the X. If you look at the Y chromosome, you will find that it is 5 times smaller and has 2.8% less genetic material.  This is why men have nipples but do not produce milk.  Men are really maimed women pumped up with testosterone to give them strength.

Sekhmet, Sakhamtet, was responsible for the genetic manipulation to create the genetically weaker being called man.  Contrary to popular religious belief, women are the older species on the planet.  It makes more since that a man comes from a woman because men still come through women to this very day.  The process just evolved to the point that women are dependent on the male semen to complete the conception of a child.  Prior to this evolution, women were asexual through the process of parthenogenesis before man existed.

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