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where a nursing home that saw eight residents die now speaking out about the number of calls that it made to the power company as concerns intensify about who may have dropped the ball. So many questions there. Also this morning the daughter of two people who lived in that nursing home and who ended up in the hospital, she’s now sharing video she says was shot hours before her parents were rushed in for that medical care and ABC’s Eva pilgrim is right there in Hollywood, Florida, with the story. Eva, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, this morning a lot of finger-pointing and a lot of questions as to how so many people could die inside this facility. Their deaths blamed on the heat. When a hospital with power is literally within eyeshot of here. Almost right next door. This morning, the Florida nursing home at the center of a criminal investigation speaking out amid outrage after eight people died when hurricane Irma shut down the power. Patients sweltering in the heat. Owners of the Hollywood hills rehabilitation center saying they called Florida power & light on Sunday but repairs crews never showed up even they spoke with the utility company four more times. The owners even dialed state agencies including the governor’s office. The governorary spokesperson confirms those calls to an office emergency cell phone but insists at no time did the facility report that conditions had become dangerous or that the health and safety of their patients was at risk. I can see my father’s face when I see — finish. Reporter: A family member recording this inside the facility Tuesday, hours before frantic 911 calls that residents were dying. You can see a fan being used in the background. She says her parents are now recovering. But she’s reported issues with the nursing home before. With the air condition, mold at the ceiling. But I always take a picture and I go immediately to the administrator. Reporter: She says the facility didn’t do enough. Because if I see something like I report immediately. Reporter: Now the power company says while the facility was a priority it wasn’t the highest priority. That went to 911 call centers and hospitals, both the power company and the governor’s office say they told the facility if it became an emergency, to call 911. Guys. Such a horrifying sad story. Eva, thank you very much.

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