Family Health News Announces Expansion in American Market

“We believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge and products they need for a healthy lifestyle, and our publications and products are all based on that belief,” said Mr. Taggart.

Family Health News, a company that dedicates itself to researching breakthroughs in alternative health and complementary medicine, announced that it is engaging in a new marketing push to increase the availability of its articles and product offerings in the United States.

The company was initially founded in 1989 as an outlet for information on and access to important nutritional supplements. The company pursues the most promising, talked about and popular products, determining what it believes to be the best in class among the available items in various cutting-edge breakthroughs. Every time it adds a new product to its list of offerings, it publishes a thorough, informative article about that product’s efficacy and formulation.

“We are thrilled to expand our presence throughout the United States,” said founder John Taggrt. “For nearly 30 years we have made it our mission to create a more educated public when it comes to nutritional supplements and new advances in nutrition in general. This new market push will allow us to reach more people than ever in a time when more and more people are making an effort to include nutritional supplements and products into their everyday routines.”

Since the inception of Family Health News, it has evaluated more than 8,400 nutritional supplements while maintaining a product line of less than 100. By keeping such a short list of products, it is able to ensure all the products being offered are the very best in their specific health category.

From a product standpoint, Family Health News has always been particularly interested in oxygen, both O2 (the oxygen used by red blood cells for metabolism) and O1 (the singlet oxygen used by white blood cells for detoxification). The company focuses on products that have high concentrations of oxygen and effective methods for deploying it. This simple philosophy and approach for product development and curation allows Family Health News customers to more easily find products that work for them without having to do a lot of research or try to decipher complicated…

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