Fallbrook Local Locksmith Completes Two Unconventional Jobs to Customers’ Appreciation

Given the nature of our business, we often come across customers in difficult circumstances. Because we are a local locksmith company, we consider these people our neighbors, and will do whatever it takes to help them.

Fallbrook Local Locksmith, a locksmith company located in the city of Fallbrook, California, has received high praise from two recent customers for completing difficult jobs in emergency situations.

One local homeowner found himself locked out of his safe with his daily medicine inside. The electronic lock had failed, and usual troubleshooting tactics like replacing the batteries did not restore its function.

The technician from Fallbrook Local Locksmith contacted the safe’s manufacturer for instructions on how to professionally open the safe and repair it in order to make it functional again. Unfortunately, the safe manufacturer gave the technician incorrect information. After going through 12 drill bits and still not making any headway after several hours, the technician from Fallbrook Local Locksmith switched tactics—going against the manufacturer’s instructions—and got into the safe within an hour. The customer was able to access his medicine, and the technician was able to restore the safe to functioning order.

In another recent call, a customer had a very old locking file cabinet that she was using as a safe. She needed access to its contents on a regular basis, but was unable to open it. The technician from Fallbrook Local Locksmith who went to the customer’s home determined that there was nothing wrong with the locking mechanism or the key, but rather there was a mechanical problem with the cabinet. Though it wasn’t a job a locksmith would normally take on, the technician used his…

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