Falkonry Chosen as an IDC Innovator

Falkonry, Inc. (http://falkonry.com), a leading provider of condition recognition software to improve operational performance announced today that it has been named an “IDC Innovator” as a provider of analytic applications for manufacturers.

IDC analyzed dozens of companies for this report and selected five to highlight as IDC Innovators. “These vendors are not just bringing together new technologies to create product offerings, they are also specifically focused on operational challenges in the manufacturing industry,” said Kimberly Knickle, research vice president, IDC Manufacturing Insights (https://www.idc.com/prodserv/insights/). The report goes on to note Falkonry’s ability to analyze across many variables to identify early signs of uptime, quality, or throughput problems without the need for data scientists, something that should hold significant appeal to manufacturers and their operations teams.

“We are delighted to be recognized as an IDC Innovator,” said Nikunj Mehta, CEO and Founder of Falkonry. “Falkonry stands for innovation through the use of unexploited operational data. The Falkonry technology can provide substantial and measurable impact to every production process and asset in every industry and market.”

Falkonry provides operational improvements to users in multiple industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, metals, mining and minerals; power, semiconductor, and heavy industry. All industries share a need to increase asset performance, production throughput and quality. Falkonry enables success of these initiatives by recognizing condition patterns from real-time data streams, using the knowledge of in-house practitioners to add context to the analytics. The results can then be easily integrated back into existing operations systems for process control and operations tuning.

Falkonry technology is offered via an annual subscription model and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Users, such as equipment engineers, manufacturing engineers, and process engineers, can rapidly apply Falkonry to address their own operations challenges after minimal training. Falkonry customers typically receive measurable results within days or weeks, as opposed to months or years for conventional approaches.

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