Factors to Look for in Quality Wines

Wine is known to be an acquired taste. It’s an art and a skill to connoisseurs, an investment for collectors, a delicacy for wine drinkers, but a mystery to newbies. With so many wine makers, brands, and types of wine nowadays, how can consumers now which wine would fare better than other? How would you differentiate from quality wines from substandard bottles? For experienced wine drinkers and connoisseurs, this is already familiar territory. For new explorers, here are some good tips to consider when looking for good quality wines in the market. 


Quality with Age


The thing to understand when choosing wines is that some are better with age while some bottles are meant to be enjoyed once you have purchased them. And not all wines are great with age. You’ll know if wine is good to drink by reading the label. On the label you can find the recommended bottling period so you’ll know when is the best time to drink the wine, when it has matured and developed the ideal taste. 


But of course, proper wine storage must be taken into consideration. If you store wine in unsuitable environment, taste and quality might be altered. If you’re going to buy wine and let it age, make sure you know the proper environmental conditions for wine storage. In this way, you can retain the quality and value of wine. 


Wine Region


Wines can differ in taste and quality if you factor in the climate and environmental conditions of the region where the grape was cultivated. For example, a Shiraz wine produced in the Northern wine regions of Australia differ from the Shiraz produced in the South of Australia. Wines from cooler regions have slightly different characteristics from wines from warmer regions. But popularity of the wine region can also be a factor in quality. For example, the Bordeaux region in France is a popular wine region because of their delicious and impressive wine production. 


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