Facebook Timeline and Its Most Appreciated Feature – Facebook Cover Photos


Facebook Timeline is the most recent item introduced on the social network and its most talked-about feature is Facebook Cover Photos, a tool meant to make a profile more attractive and personalized.


What is Facebook Timeline? 

Timeline is a section that is meant to substitute both the wall and the profile page, by merging them together, being thus some sort of a blending between an online scrapbook and a blog. It also makes navigation through posts much easier, as it shows your Facebook story in a reverse chronological order, listed by year on the right side of the page. The old Facebook wall as we all know it is structured chronologically, but searching for posts or updates older than a few months before is rather difficult.


What else is there to know about the Timeline? 

Besides the timeline embedded on the new type of profile that shows your Facebook activity history, people can now share “before Facebook” information as well, as everything added can be given a date. Therefore, if you went on Hawaii in 1991, for example, and you upload a photo and set that date, it will appear in the Timeline.


However, the most talked-about among the features of Timeline, seem to be Facebook Cover Photos – they are meant to individualize the web page. Because the profile pictures are just in a small format, most users choose something simple as their profile; Facebook Cover Photos, on the other hand, stretch across the width of the whole page, and users can use them to show something deeper, more personal, such as their family members, pets, favorite movie scenes or vacation spots. It is said that a carefully chosen image should not only adorn your profile, but should also let other people see a little bit of your personality.


One can choose to use as a cover one of their favorite photos (even one of those already on Facebook) or one can download a cover picture from the wide variety of photos that are to be found online. Another thing worth mentioning is…

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