Fabulous Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Eating fish regularly has fabulous health benefits. There is no doubt that sea foods are fully loaded with the essential proteins, vitamin and nutrients. Millions of peoples around the world love to eat fishes because of their high nutritional value. Fishes are divided in to three categories oily fish, shellfish and white fish.  Fish is excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acid, rich in proteins and very low in fat. Fish is healthy diet that can prevent the risk of various health diseases and disorders.

Human Body is not produced so much omega 3 fatty acid, so it is essential to get it from the foods. Omega 3 fatty acid is almost found in every kind if fish; here are few fishes that are fully packed with this essential nutrient like Salmon, tuna, oysters, trout etc. Fish contain the unsaturated fat that diminish the risk of heart diseases and lower the level of bad cholesterol. There is strong evidence that sea foods are best to prevent the risk of certain type of cancers.

Benefits of Eating Fish for health

Reduce the symptoms of Depression    

Depression is a mental illness which causes many serious health problems. The short supply of omega 3 fatty in the body may enhance the risk of depression or extreme stress. Consuming fish regularly helps in the reduction of chronicle depression.

Prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases 

Fish is rich in protein that boosts the level of good HDL cholesterol in the body. In addition, oily fish improve the condition of heart, prevent blood clots and inflammation.

Minimize the risk of Cancers

The presence of various vitamin, nutrients and minerals in fish are preventing the development of certain type of cancers. Omega 3-fatty acid is good to minimize the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, ovary cancer etc. There is no doubt that peoples who are including fish in their diet are very rarely experience the cancer’s condition. 

Improve Vision

Fish food is strongly improving the eye vision…

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