Export Intelligence Agency Launches Remote Export Consulting

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All Business is Personal

The Official US Export Intelligence Agency [EIA] announces its remote consulting program that provides online nationwide assistance to Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that would like to begin an exporting program. In the first one-to-two years of building an exporting program, remote consulting is the most cost-effective method of implementation.

Additionally, because “All Business is Personal,” the EIA works with a select few companies at any given time—yours could be one of them. The scheduled online meetings can accommodate up to ten company members at a client’s location. Over the course of ramping up an exporting program, it is possible to educate and train several key company members who will eventually run the exporting department.

The EIA is a thorough, professional management consulting company that is trained in methods of adult learning; something called andragogy. They lay out specific weekly online lessons and related goals for a company’s personnel to achieve. With many years of successful international trade exporting experience, the EIA knows precisely what topics and issues need to be addressed to make a positive contribution to an SME’s bottom-line in two years, or less.

Due to budget cuts, sequestrations, downsizing and hiring freezes government agency personnel proclaim that they are ‘experts’ in dozens of business/industry areas and are faced with an impossible client load. One government office staffed with only two knowledgeable professionals is charged with meeting the needs of 100,000 companies in their region. Furthermore, their website claims that they are capable of offering ‘expert advice’ across over 60+…

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