Explore the Latest Options You Have Among Top Android Phones


If you want to buy the best Android phone, you will get multiple options. In fact, this phone dominates the market, and it offers improved features than other existing Smartphone’s. You must go through the following paragraphs and learn in details about the top Android phones.

· Samsung Galaxy S4:

In the last few years, this phone has turned out to be one of the most successful communication devices. It has dominated the telecommunication market and reached out to the majority of the customers. It is a part of the company’s special Smartphone series that is hugely promoted across the nation. According to a recent survey report it has earned huge revenues till date.

It has wide ranging features that include quad core digital processor of more than one Gigahertz, fantastic Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting diode (AMOLED) display and other features. It has a camera of thirteen megapixels and premiere battery with power of two thousand and six hundred m AH. This device has huge RAM of two GB, and it is one of the most interesting features of this phone. Other special software applications like smart pursing, air viewing and more will definitely enhance your communication experience. In addition, it seems to be tough and hardy and also offer water resistant facility.

· HTC 1:

This phone is one of the top Android phones of the present times. Built from exclusive aluminum metal, this phone can easily outshine other Smartphone’s in terms of quality and service. Due to its hard built aluminum core many phone users leave plastic made phones and use this HTC One phone. Besides, other exclusive features of this particular device compel the customers to buy this telephone. For example, it has special ultra-pixel camera that allows you to take wonderful, clear images even in low light. Its ‘boom sound’ speaker offers the best sound quality. Also, software application for replacing home screen is available. Other essential attributes of this…

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