Experiment & Improvement is the Key to Digital Success

The growing popularity of digital marketing including social media marketing had got many brand & marketers on board last year. And the horizon looked better & bigger with every brand trying to do something new in their own right.

But something very recently made me wonder if the picture was as rosy as I think. Recently I was at a digital roundtable where a lot of marketers seemed worried about investing monies into digital medium this year. I could garner two main reasons for their apprehensions post discussions and retrospect.

Firstly, apparently they didn’t get the ROI they expected. I have heard this earlier as well and was faced with similar kind of challenges. This gap in expectations arises out of incomplete planning. Often agencies suggest activation ideas and theme to brands without a clear understanding of the brands/marketers’ expectations against the investment.

If the objective of the digital marketing strategy is growing bottom line with no defined metrics then more often than not, the strategy would fail to get expected returns.

Secondly, the marketers couldn’t trace one single formula of success on digital medium and the entire persuasion looked chaotic and out of control at times.

This is possibly because there isn’t any. Even replicating the most successful digital or social campaigns could not get the same results. That is because nothing can guarantee the same aura, the same mind-set, enthusiasm, or even the same likeness in consumers subject to another time frame. It’s a matter of larger permutation combination which is beyond human control.

Any analyst could identify the possible reasons of success but not attribute one single reason for it or tell what exactly clicked for the brand at that particular point in time for those precise set of TG within that specific campaign activity. There are multiple forces working in tandem and with ever changing digital landscape, response to campaigns is also becoming extremely…

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