Exercise Could Ease Your Stomach Woes

Stomach woes are common in people who eat on irregular timings and who never stick to a normal healthy diet. Party people and restaurant goers who most of the times eat out of home are more susceptible to stomach problems. In the present scenario where most of the times both the husband and wife are office goers and seldom get time to cook at home, fast food and hotel food is what they may rely on, though such foods are easily procured, as you just need to pay but no other pain is to be taken. However, foods cooked at home are healthy and far better than any other food. Out of many stomach problems, irritable bowel syndrome is one of the common ones.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition when your bowels do not work the way it should. About 20% of the adults are suffering from this issue and millions of people make a visit to the doctor’s clinic for this reason. Some of the symptoms or health problems occurring in irritable bowel syndrome patients include diarrhea, bloating, constipation, gas, etc. They may either suffer from or a combination of these issues. Patients may also feel pain and swelling in their stomach. One of the primary symptoms in such a case is that the person may feel that he cannot get relieved from his bowel some of the times. This feeling may end with a bowel movement but most of the times bloating sensation may still be present.

The pain from this issue might be unbearable many of the times and may travel to your heart and cause heartburn too. The intensity of the pain and other symptoms may vary. Talking about the treatment and prevention of these issues, proper healthy diet and regular exercise are the two most important factors to be considered. Your diet must contain foods rich in vegetables and fruits. Fiber rich foods are very helpful in prevention of any stomach issue. Fiber helps in proper bowel movement and is very effective in irritable bowel movement problems. It has been found that regular exercising can prevent occurrence of IBS in individuals. A study was conducted to define the relation between gastrointestinal complaints and obesity in people who were on a weight loss plan. Other symptoms like binge eating, diet, exercise, etc. were also taken into account in the study.

The study covered 983 people, which had women as maximum of the participants. The participants were at an average BMI index of 33.2% and an average age of 53. 20 to 25 is considered as a healthy BMI range and if you reach a BMI range above 27,…

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