Examples of the effect of Jogging during pregnancy

In addition, other researchers reported that the magical phenomenon in menstruation got from exercise is definitely not only menstrual cramps, doctor Cleveland G J stated: “few athletes have the symptoms of premenstrual stress, especially cephalalgia and menalgia (the medical terminology of the pain and difficulty during menstruation)”.
Doctor Eva Lin Jindal’s insight goes further. He said:” women in good shape have less the symptom of discomfort during the menstruation, notalgia, digestive system dysfunction, cold, allergy are also decreased, and are not as fatigued as before”. Most women will pleasantly find themselves stamina strengthened after they start their running. A runner called Joan Cheek speaks of her experience of taking care of her neonate 3 times a night: “I was bloodless at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon. As soon as 6 o’clock, I wanted to sleep and am reluctant to make supper. But running has changed all of these. And I can’t believe that I feel better now than before”.
It seems that we can draw a lesson from it: you should persevere in running even though you do not quite want to run. You may be pleased with the result, if not, you can stop at any instant.
How about running during gestation? Most doctors will say it’s not proper to run at this time. But since you have run, there is no reason not to keep on running-unless your doctor suggests that you shouldn’t keep on. You will not only feel better, but also recover your normal figure soon after parturition. Carol Direful talk about the situation of running after she gave birth to her second baby Irene: “I keep on running until Irene’s birth because I think there is a certain intrinsic value in jogging during pregnancy. When I gave birth to Irene, I know exercise during pregnancy is of great advantage. I delivered at 1 o’clock before dawn, and it’s a long process. I caught cold for a week before. I would be dead tired, I thought. Well, it was just the opposite, it was good. One hour after…

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