Evolution of Poetry and Different Concepts used in Poetry Writing

Poetry is considered as one of the oldest forms of art and visual. Poetry exists in all forms and in all languages. The initial kind of poetry started in the form of verses. Poetry was used to narrate stories. This was appreciated by people at large and these stories sounded even more interesting when they were brought out in the form of poems. However, the ancient poetry forms differ to a large extent from the modern poems. One of the definitions explain poetry as a traditionally art form in which the language spoken by humans is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to or instead of its notional and semantic content. However, the modern form of poetry includes pictorial representations as well.
The history about how poetry forms have changed is a very interesting concept. It is believed that the oldest forms of poems were mainly narrated. Some of these poems are considered epics because it contains a lot of message and were later written. Considering the Indian literatures Ramayana and Mahabharata were brought out in the form of poems. Today, most of us have heard about these in the form of stories. These stories are available in different languages. All the people round the globe are aware of these epics.

As the years went by these poetry forms were brought out in the form of verses. These mainly depended upon the sound and pattern. They were generally rhyming and broken down into feet. A foot is composed of syllabic sounds. They had a specified length and contained stressed and unstressed syllables used. Rhymes were also a main aspect in poetry writing. There were different kinds of rhymes that were used. There were masculine and Feminine rhymes. While the masculine rhymes were identically stress and contained different consonant sounds. The feminine rhymes were composed of differing sounds with stressed syllables followed by unstressed rhyming syllables. These were also called as double rhyme. Some if the examples are arrival, revival and survival….

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