EVO Additive Manufacturing Center Launches With Metal Capability, Automotive-Grade Microcontroller and Groundbreaking ‘Zombie Mode’

The new EVO Additive Manufacturing Center from Airwolf 3D

The EVO far surpasses the capabilities of a traditional desktop 3D printer. It’s a true desktop Additive Manufacturing Center.

Imagine a desktop 3D printer so advanced that its creators refuse to call it a “3D printer.” A company with a deep history of developing disruptive 3D printing technology, California-based Airwolf 3D today announced EVO, the most innovative new machine in the desktop additive manufacturing industry. The EVO marks Airwolf 3D’s fifth generation machine and its technology, design, and construction are so far beyond the functionality of today’s desktop 3D printers that Airwolf 3D describes the EVO as not merely an industrial 3D printer, but a full-fledged Additive Manufacturing Center, or “AMC,” as the company refers to it.

“The EVO is completely new and it’s unlike anything out there,” explained Airwolf 3D Co-Founder and CEO Erick Wolf. “We took the technology that we perfected with our prosumer line of 3D printers and leveraged it to develop a machine that’s light years beyond anything else on the market. The EVO is faster, stronger, and more accurate than any desktop 3D printer — it delivers a premium 3D manufacturing experience at less than half the cost of machines that offer equivalent performance. Plus, it’s packed with new technology that dramatically changes the way we manufacture, including the ability to work in metals. The EVO far surpasses the capabilities of a traditional desktop 3D printer. It’s a true desktop Additive Manufacturing Center.”

The EVO possesses Airwolf 3D’s signature suite of features — auto-leveling, large build size, high-temperature multi-material printing, and compatibility with water-soluble Hydrofill support material — but in an ultra-ruggedized unit that includes cutting-edge features available only from Airwolf 3D.

Most notable among these is the industry-first PartSave™. Nicknamed “Zombie Mode,” PartSave™ solves one of the most frustrating problems with 3D printing. There are few things more disheartening than 3D printing a part for hours, only to have it fail completely if the printer stops due to a power outage or unplugging the machine. With PartSave™, once you restore…

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