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It’s. About. To go. Down. Amazon Prime Day 2017 has been made official, with Amazon having just announced that Prime Day will take place on July 11 this year. As anyone and everyone knows at this point, Prime Day is basically Black Friday in the summer, with tens upon tens of thousands of deals spread across every single one of the product categories on Amazon’s website.

Prime Day has been huge for the past two years, and Prime Day 2017 is going to be Amazon’s biggest sales event ever. Deals begin long before July 11 rolls around, of course, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to prepare for next month’s big event.

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First and foremost, there are two links you’ll need right away on Amazon’s site. Both of these links are hugely important, and we’ll explain why.

While there will be plenty of Prime Day 2017 available to anyone and everyone, some of the best bargains you’ll find in the days leading up to Prime Day and on Prime Day itself will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime subscribers. The first link above is for anyone who doesn’t already subscribe to Prime. Start your free Amazon Prime trial right now, and you’ll be ready to rock next month for Prime Day 2017.

The second link is for the Prime Day 2017 Insider’s Guide. Consider this your home base for everything having to do with Prime Day. Actually BGR Deals is your home base for everything having to do with Prime Day since we’ll cut through all the noise and highlight only the best bargains available. But that page on Amazon’s website is a close second.

Now let’s dive into Amazon’s Prime Day 2017 schedule.

As you might have guessed, Prime Day isn’t exactly a “day.” In the same way retailers offer deals all week long leading up to Black Friday, Amazon will unleash brand new bargains each day leading up to July 11. The action begins on July 5, and Amazon will let loose brand new themed deals…

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