‘Everyone Deserves an Equal Chance to Get Into College’: Readers React

I’m a black woman who EARNED a double-major from a top 10 school in four years, while working 20 hours during the school year and 60 hours during summers, and went on to EARN an MBA.

Nevertheless, I’ve spent my entire adult life having barely-educated white people question my qualifications and would gladly take on the burden of whiteness. Of course, I doubt you would gladly give it up.

NolaDarling in New Orleans

Really great news for all the Jareds and Beckys with the 3.2s. In a freshman year UCLA course, the professor asked us to raise our hands if we thought black kids were admitted to fill a quota. Most of the class raised their hands.

Growing up in Orange County, Calif., it was very common to hear people say it’s “so easy” to get into college if you’re black. Meanwhile, my freshman class at UCLA (2006, 17,872 students), was 2.9 percent black.

@Kia_Mak, via Twitter

Do you know how many white people truly and genuinely believe that black people get to go to college for free? I spent the summer between my senior year of high school and freshmen year of college teaching wilderness survival at a boy scout camp.

One day I’m sitting at the lunch table taking notes in my course catalog, and one of my fellow counselors asks me what I’m doing. I tell him that I’m trying to figure out which classes I want to take in the fall. He says, “Yeah, I didn’t even apply for college.” I’m like, “Why?”, and he literally says, “Can’t afford it. I’m white, so you know, it isn’t free for me.” Y’all I just stared at him.

@iSmashFizzle, via Twitter

‘I would like to go to a college not because I’m Black, but because I deserve to be there.’

Other readers, many who identified themselves as minorities, said they disagreed with race-conscious affirmative action policies.

I’m a Black man. As a person, I would like to go to a college not because I’m Black, but because I deserve to be there. If there should be an affirmative action, let it be in favor of the poor, through investment in early education, after school programs, etc.

Chaks in Florida

Obviously I’m biased because, look at my name! I’m Asian. My Asian roommate in college works her butt off to maintain a 3.9 for med school but a black friend of mine got into med school with a 3.3 GPA (we are from the same university, mind you).

Someone tell me that this is not reverse discrimination. Universities/med…

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