Even if the car goes bye-bye, the parking bills do not – Orange County Register

Q. My adult daughter has accumulated several parking tickets in LA. The horrible collection fees made it worse. She had an old car that wasn’t worth the amount of fees and penalties, so she sold it to a scrap yard. Do the collection efforts end with the car, or what is she exposed to? The tickets were apparently issued by the city’s Parking Violations Bureau. The total fines, penalties and collection fees are $1,052. At this time, they have sent a notice that they will intercept any tax refund from the Franchise Tax Board. Good luck with that – I wish she had a tax refund!

– Ron Meyers, Huntington Beach

A. Oh, Honk wishes so much he had a refunding coming his way, too.

He reached out to Oliver Hou, with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, who told him the car’s demise doesn’t stop the city’s effort to get the money.

Los Angeles will go the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine the vehicle’s owner and press on.

“The liability for the citations rests on the motorist who owned the vehicle at the time of citation issue date,” Hou told Honk.

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