Europeans is spilt up into numerous countries having full political and economic freedom

South European countries

Europeans is spilt up into numerous countries having full political and economic freedom. It is strange that many small countries are trying to break up further into even smaller nation. For example czechoslovavaia has broken up and so has Yugoslavia.

On the other hand many big European nations like Germany and France want European countries to become a big Europeans entity. They have formed a comment euro pens economic community. Such an economic block of European countries would further promote trade, commerce and in dust among the European countries. It can thus increase sits economic prosperity. Such a euro pens community would be able to offer competition to leading nation like the use and jape. Let us study a few selected Europeans countries and their economic achievements.

The United Kingdom consists of great Briton and north Ireland. It has all along been a maritime nation. It has preferred to live by fishing, Shipping and overseas trade. It has added to his advantages one more machine activities of drilling oil from at newly discovered of shore oilfields. The countries are highly advanced both in agriculture and industry.

France, called Europeans inmininature, is a better representative of the rich Europeans culture-its literature, arts and science. It leads both in agricultural and industry. For want of coal, it relies heavily on nuclear energy.

Germany has once again emerged as the economic giant of Europe. It was totally devastated and economically crippled during World War II. Furthermore, it was broken into two states, one dominated by the West and the other by the former Soviet Union. But the Germans worked hard and recovered economically and industrially. Then the two Germans joined again to form one state. Its central location and bountiful coal reserves have helped industrially. It was its unprecedented success on the industrial and economic front that made the former German Democratic Republic quietly surrender its…

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