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Marina Wheeler said the ruling would “effectively cripple” the agencies’ bulk data capabilities

British lawyer Marina Wheeler QC, who is married to Brexit-champion Boris Johnson, has claimed Brussels courts are threatening UK sovereignty by unlawfully overruling Britain’s policy.

Ms Wheeler, herself a hardline Brexiteer, believe the is putting UK’s national security at risk.

In 2017 there has already been the Manchester bombing, two major atrocities in London and a mass-killing in Barcelona.

To fight the threat of terrorism, the UK uses a technique of collecting bulk communications data, such as looking at internet history.

In a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) called “Watson”, it found that the use of the bulk collection of data is unlawful.

British lawyer Marina Wheeler QC in The Spectator wrote: “The ECJ imposed requirements about accessing data, in order to safeguard privacy rights under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

“According to the Government, if applied, these would ‘effectively cripple’ the agencies’ bulk data capabilities.”

A specialist court set up by British Parliament to scrutinise the activities of intelligence services called the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) gave an even more bleak outlook.

It said: “If the Watson requirements do apply to measures taken to safeguard national security, in particular, the BCD regime, they would frustrate them and put the national security of the United Kingdom, and, it may be, other Member States, at risk.”

Judge for the High Court of England Mr Justice Mitting was reported as saying the ruling raised profound political questions about national sovereignty and the EU.

Ms Wheeler added: “Issues of national security are supposed to lie outside the remit of the European Court of…

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