ETW CEO Lee Benson to Speak at 2017 MARPA Conference

ETW CEO, Lee Benson

Aligning strategy and culture within an organization is a key success driver…

For 16 years, MARPA has hosted an annual conference for those facing challenges in the regulatory and replacement parts market. The 2017 MARPA Conference will feature ETW CEO Lee Benson as a speaker on October 25th. Lee and other leaders and visionaries alike will come together to share best practices, keys to success and provide answers to the issues facing today’s businesses.

With a firm belief that everything an organization does should be done with the intent of making that organization measurably better, Lee has developed and implemented a successful business model around the concept that better alignment, leads to better conversations, prompting better actions to yield better results. It was through this process that he built a successful 500+ employee business from the ground up.

Benson’s presentation, Secrets of My Success, will detail his journey with Able Aerospace from “startup to exit” covering important stages and milestones from initial value creation to staying profitable during a recession and finally being positioned for the best acquisition price.

“Aligning strategy and culture within an organization is a key success driver,” Benson explains. “I am grateful to share my story and best practices that have developed over years of practicing a thoughtful combination of a practicality and vision in my approach to long-term, sustainable growth.”

About ETW

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MARPA is the non-profit trade association that represents the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) community. A PMA is an FAA design and production approval that verifies that the design of an aircraft part meets FAA safety…

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