ETech 7 Announces an All-Inclusive IT Maintenance Plan

A Managed IT Services Plan is Your Ticket to Security

“Don’t wait around for a server crash, network failure, or a system wide hack to enlist the services of a reliable managed it firm. As the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

While other IT companies seek to provide their customers with the whole package, they fail to show this with the services they provide. It is quite often that an IT company will offer each of their services separately, leaving the rest of the job assembly required.

Emil Isanov, CEO of ETech 7 discusses the all-inclusive IT plan, ideal for small to medium sized business owners. “ETech 7 strives to simultaneously enhance and simplify the world of IT support,” says Isanov. With this goal in mind, ETech 7 introduces its All-Inclusive IT Services Maintenance Plan. Instead of offering each service individually, the plan offers an entire suite of services under one affordable flat rate. The plan includes services such as:

1. Round the clock server monitoring and maintenance

2. Continuous server updates and security

3. Live 24/7 help desk with phone and email support

4. Server backup and disaster recovery

5. Network security and firewall management

And much more!

“There are many benefits to choosing a full coverage IT maintenance plan, but small business owners can become overwhelmed by the idea of one,” says Isanov. Some people don’t want to get stuck paying for services they may not need. Instead, they pick through various individual services and change them from month to month. They grapple with recurring inconsistency when it comes to their IT services, while paying different amounts monthly and constantly reworking their systems.This often becomes time consuming and complicates the IT management process.

While this system may work for a larger business with more experience and expertise, when it comes to a small to medium sized business, this can only be harmful. Many business owners are unaware of the type of managed IT services their company needs in order to succeed. Additionally, they are unaware of how necessary an it support plan is and how beneficial it is to sign up for one.

“ETech 7’s all-inclusive IT maintenance plan…

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