ETA Establishes New Master Specialty Certification Program

ETA Chairman Ira Wiesenfeld proudly displays his new CETms certification in the area of RF Communications.

The Master Specialty program opens the door for many top-level technical professionals who are masters in their specialty area and gives them a credential to validate their higher level of experience and technical mastery gained from years at work.

The new ETA® International Master Specialty program allows someone who is an expert technology specialist in a particular field to attain the level of Master Specialty Certified Electronics Technician (CETms) in their niche field to validate their high level of expertise.

Why Provide a Master Specialty Program?

Because electronics technology has become more specialized and more embedded into our everyday lives, ETA certification areas have expanded to meet industry demand. In many cases, multiple types of certification are now available in one specialty area. It makes sense to offer Master-level certifications in those specialty areas. The initial certification areas identified for this new CETms designation are: information technology, RF communications, and fiber optics, all of which have multiple certifications for expert and specialty levels.

Several other certification categories are identified as having multiple related certifications in development and these will be potential additions for the Master Specialty program. ETA hopes to add these to the Master Specialty program soon, which include industrial electronics, smart home technologies (RESI), satellite electronics, telecommunications and others.

To attain this level of ETA credentialing, the individual must have at least six years of combined schooling, training, and/or job experience. This person will also be required to have a fundamental basic electronics certification such as either the Associate CET, all five of the Electronics Modules, or the General Communications Technician Level 1 (communications program only), just as with the current Master CET, along with at least four Journeyman-level certifications in one field and six overall.

What is the Difference?

In the newly released Master Specialty CET program, an individual must have four to six certifications in his/her field of…

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