Esteemed Global Teachers Share Their Strategies for Designing Meaningful Professional Development in a Tech Driven World

In a 21st century world where we are learning, unlearning and relearning new technologies all the time, how can teachers keep up? It is estimated that $2.6 billion dollars is spent annually on PD, yet a study by Learning Forward discovered that less than one third of teachers (only 29%) are actually satisfied with their current ongoing teacher training. Given this dissatisfaction, how would teachers do things differently?

The Top Global Teacher Bloggers have founded schools, crafted curricula, written books and articles, led think-tanks and managed classrooms in seventeen different countries that stretch across every populated continent on earth. They are inventors and trend-setters in fields such as technology integration and innovation, mathematics instruction, literacy coaching, special needs education, science instruction, and gender equity.

Four ways to improve teacher professional learning include encouraging social media use for anytime, anywhere learning, establishing a “coaching pedagogy” and making learning “fun and personalized,” says Craig Kemp in Singapore. It is “critical that teachers become vested partners in the process,” adds Joe Fatheree. “How can each teacher be given flexibility in how they learn while insuring that there is consistency in what they learn?” asks Adam Steiner, who believes it’s all about “good LMS like itslearning” that is providing “a menu of options in terms of learning activities while also offering a structure that insures that every participant gains the skills and concepts that are needed.”

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