Essential Things Needed To Achieve Organizational Goals

No amount of strategic planning even by the most brilliant of managers will produce results compatible with the objectives of the company unless backed by tireless efforts of its constituents. When smart work is combined with hard work the results are usually amazing and goals see the light of the day. Hard work often means total commitment to the objectives that need to be defined in very clear terms with little left for ambiguity. Hard work when done without crystal clear objectives is like beating round the bush. Therefore defining objectives first and in very clear terms will certainly ensure that goals are achieved, and in time.

“The nail that sticks out gets hammered”- This is an old Japanese saying, which defines the very essence of teamwork- collectivism. Although, sharing innovative thoughts and ideas in your organization would help you reach high ranks, if they’re not group oriented, it won’t benefit the organization much. Sure you can gain fame and pride but, will we achieve goals as an organization, if everyone prefers doing things in their own way? Not a chance. Trying to promote one’s self will gradually grow the feeling of animosity amongst colleagues and employers. There is an old Irish folklore, about this young rain cloud who so badly wanted to rain down upon the earth. He tried many, many ways-tried squeezing the water out, asked help from the wind, but it never worked. He then met an older cloud and asked him for help, the cloud advised him to join his old group of clouds and follow their ways. The little cloud did so and he started pouring rain down, gloriously. All through history there have been many stories that teach us the importance of team work. To reach a goal and grab it, teamwork is the way to go.

Keeping things simple is the best way to achieve targets in an organization. For example, when a client filed a case against a soap company stating that there was no soap in the box, the company spent a huge amount in a scan machine that automatically discards the boxes that does not contain the product. The same issue happened to a different company, what they did was have a high speed fan near the machines so that the boxes without the soaps fly off when it passes near the fan. So, keeping things simple saves a lot of time, man power and money! Exhausting resources unnecessarily can be reduced by operating in a simple manner.

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