Essential Steps to Migrate From HTML to WordPress

Do you own a HTML website? If you do then you should know that making a switch from an HTML site to a WordPress powered site can help strengthen your online presence. That’s because, WordPress help incorporate a website with interactive functions that helps in making your site more visible on the online marketplace. But before getting started with converting your HTML site to WordPress, it is very important to understand the conversion process.

Let’s have an overview of the basic steps that are involved in HTML to WordPress Theme conversion process:

  1. Gather Some Valuable Information!

Often many website owners without paying much heed to gathering information – about what exactly they want to have in their site, begin with the migration. Now, that’s a wrong practice. Before making the switch it is important for you to know your website. Make a list of all the elements you want to include into your site, be it layout, navigation menu, forms etc. Doing so will help you understand your project scope and carry out the conversion process in a highly organized and quick manner.

  1. Developing a PSD File

This is most important and protracted stage of the conversion process. The major part of your project, the designing work is carried out at this stage. During this phase, you will need to finalize the structure and design of your theme that will later be converted to WordPress. Whether you are building a HTML or WordPress site it is always better to create a PSD file at the very beginning. In simple words, before constructing a HTML site you might have created a PSD and later performed PSD to HTML conversion.

Now to ensure that your theme design covers every basic aspect that assures its success, it is imperative that you must design a PSD file by making a little more additions, such as:

  • Designing logos, header, footer and images.

  • Defining the navigation menu.

  • Developing separate templates for blog page, home…

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