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College applications will be due in the next few weeks. The most stressful part of the application process is the application essay. Here are some tips for writing a great essay.


Thousands of application essays are read by admissions officers at universities every year, and that is why it is important to have essay help to make them stand out. For an essay to do that, it is vital that right from the beginning it grab the reader’s attention.


You can do that in the following six ways.


1. Ask a question your reader will be encouraged to answer


Even though at times it would be appropriate to do so, this doesn’t need to be an actual question. The intention is to have them wondering how the essay will end or what you mean by a statement.


A provocative statement implying that something more can be learned on the subject if they keep reading can accomplish that goal. Your prompt could use something to spur the imagination, such as, “At my first step onto the raft, it was clear that I would soon find myself fighting for my very life.” This is sure to capture the reader’s attention and have them reading your essay with bated breath. 


2. Defy All Expectations


If you are prompted to write about an influential person in your life, and your introduction goes something like this, “I am the person who influenced my life most” the reader is sure to be intrigued and will wonder what you meant by that. It will automatically case a positive light on your essay and have the eager to learn more.


Departing from the traditional approach is sure to have readers treating your essay with a bit more respect. Starting out with a single word such as “Aggression” should be enough to do that.


3. Provocative And Unusual Quotes


It would be better to quote Barbara Walters with “I intend to live forever” than “a penny saved is a penny earned” from Benjamin Franklin.


4. Lead Off With The Ending


Good essay help will have you beginning your essay with something…

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