Espadrilles- Ultimate Fashion Statement

No wardrobe is complete without the right pair of footwear, which can complement the dresses worn for different occasions. The footwear which can match up well with your formals as well as casuals outfits is the espadrille shoes. By wearing these fashion shoes you can create a unique statement of your own for this season. Apart from being fashionable these shoes are very much comfortable. Espadrilles are basically flat shoes. Pyrenees is the name of the place where these shoes were originated. They have cotton or canvas upper and flexible sole that is made up of rubber or rope material. The jute rope sole is the main highlight of these shoes. This is the distinguishing feature of these shoes. Just a look at the sole and you will come to know that these shoes are none other than espadrilles.

The shoes have derived its name from a French word. They are making a big comeback in fashion circles this spring/summer season. To have them in your wardrobe is to be bang on trend for footwear fashion. Historians date back these shoes to 14th century Pyrenees farmers and peasants. However these shoes have come a long way conquering most of Europe, Asia and the Americans in fashion terms.  These shoes possess all qualities that you look for when you go to the market to buy a pair for yourself. They are versatile and suit many different styles of clothing; they are comfortable, making them a perfect choice in fashion shoes. They have that ability to strike a difficult balance between looking great and feeling even better.

They are lovable among middle and upper class people; this is because they have an innate quality of elegance, class and sophistication.  The prices are indeed so affordable that everyone can have more them one pair of them in their closet. With such acclaim, it is probable that the more modest among us believes that these shoes are within our budget. Espadrilles are perfect for creating chic look. They make the ideal choice in elegant, yet casual, footwear. These shoes enable fashion lovers to design incredibly chic, yet uncomplicated styles. Choosing right type in this footwear with the right type of clothing will make you feel confident, relaxed and supremely attractive.

This summer espadrilles will help you to improve your wardrobe with superb addition of simple yet sexy footwear. As a shoe they are easy to identify. They have a casual looks with flexible uppers made from natural material such as canvas or cotton. The soles are made of woven…

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