ESM Expands International Reach with Major New Customer

ESM, a leading provider of spend management solutions, announced today that the Higher Colleges of Technology, one of the largest higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates, is deploying ESM’s full suite of procurement, sourcing and contract management tools.

HCT serves 24,000 students across 17 campuses in the United Arab Emirates in locations that include Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The first phase of the deployment will go live this month, just three months after the contract was inked.

“We are thrilled to continue to expand our reach across the globe as we begin to serve HCT,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. “We work hard to build a solution that can serve anybody – from a small private college in the United States to a large network of campuses overseas. We look forward to helping HCT save time and money.”

With ESM, HCT will be able to automate its spend management processes with a flexible solution that is integrated with its ERP, Ellucian by Banner, thanks to the new Ellucian Ethos platform. Here’s what HCT gets as it implements ESM’s solutions:

  • Full spend management automation

HCT will implement all of ESM’s spend management solutions as it moves away from paper-based processes and automates its procurement, sourcing and contract management activities.

ESM’s solutions are flexible and can be configured to meet any customer’s needs. HCT officials, however, are looking to ESM to guide them toward best spend management practices as it forgoes dated processes.

“ESM brings decades of experience in spend management, so HCT is looking to us and our expertise on how to do this,” Rotoli said. “They are going to rebuild their entire sourcing, procurement and contract management process with ESM’s solutions and our knowledge.”

HCT will use ESM Purchase, ESM’s eProcurement solution, ESM Sourcing and ESM Contract Management.

ESM Purchase directs buyers to an online shopping portal that allows users to guide spending exactly where they want it.

With ESM Sourcing, users can automate bid, quote and solicitation activities, allowing for faster online bidding with chosen suppliers. ESM customers enjoy more bids in less time and greater savings.

ESM Contract Management makes it easy for users to abandon paper-based processes and take advantage of an online portal that

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