Errors to Avoid While Renting Moving Trucks

Driving a rental truck yourself while moving? Although it might sound simple, there are quite a few aspects that you have to know especially when it comes to the truck user instructions that are provided by the company. Always remember that driving a car and steering a rental truck are two completely different things, even if the basic driving techniques might be similar.

These are the common errors made by people while driving a rental truck, so make sure you don’t repeat them:

•  Passengers or pets shouldn’t be allowed to ride in the cargo area under any circumstances. Children often think of it as fun to ride in the back of a moving truck, but it is strictly prohibited by law and extremely dangerous. Passengers or pets riding in the cargo area risk injury due to shifting cargo, asphyxiation, and lack of collision protection. People riding in the cab must have a safety belt or ride in another car.

•  Watch out for drive-thru restaurants, hotel overhangs, service-station canopies, bridges, balconies, trees, electrical wires, and parking garages. Many overhead obstructions are not posted for clearance, which is why you have to plan the route ahead of time. If you don’t know the overhead clearance, get out of the truck and make sure you are clear of any obstructions.

•  Transporting of hazardous materials, explosives, corrosives, or flammables is a huge no-no. The problem is that some household items might be packed without anyone being aware that they are hazardous. Certain cleaning supplies, such as bleach, do not mix well with other cleaning supplies. If they are packed and the box is accidentally smashed the chemicals will mix. Propane barbecue grills, lawn mowers, camp stoves, lanterns etc. are also items to watch out for because transporting items that have the ability to leak gas or produce flammable fumes can be fatal. The cargo area is not airtight but it also has no ventilation, so it is best to turn the propane tank off completely and disconnect it from a BBQ or empty out any gas tanks or containers with flammable material before the move.

•  You might be a pro at handling any vehicle, even a moving truck, but there are rules to follow here as well. Drive responsibly without speeding and don’t violate any traffic signs. It is advisable to reduce your speed from what you would normally drive in your car under similar conditions, so that you are safe and there are less possibilities of an accident occurring.

•  Overloading a…

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