Epsilon Industries Launches Industry-Changing Vendor Agnostic Boiler Solutions and Software

Through its variety of offerings and online configurator system, CHT provides all necessary documents to design, size, and price complete modular boiler systems.

Epsilon Industries, Inc. announced today the launch of its innovative product offering, Commercial Heat Transfer (CHT), a vendor agnostic, standardized platform that provides a modular skid-mounted system approach to the hot water boiler industry. CHT allows for easy design of systems including boilers and standard associated equipment such as pumps, valves, fittings, variable frequency drives, and more, to benefit the HVAC industry with a focus on boiler manufacturers, vendors, and installing contractors. Available worldwide and focused in North American markets, CHT reduces risks and construction time, as well as operating and installation costs by providing cataloged modular designs that are easily selected through the CHT online configurator. CHT provides a pre-engineered modular skid mounted strategy to service the commercial market in both new construction and retro-fit applications.

As a standard product in the Off-Site Construction market, CHT ensures manufacturing and testing in a controlled, indoor factory environment. The simplified CHT process also limits site labor, and guarantees a defined cost of the product purchased, virtually eliminating change order requests that dominate the field construction industry. By receiving equipment details through online selection, sales representatives and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can design systems up to specific sizes that can be maneuvered through standard doorways, making CHT ideal for retro-fit applications. CHT is also able to deliver parallel construction with base building for greenfield builds, as well as a…

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