Episode 6 Synopsis, Trailer Released

Deborah is stepping out of her comfort zone in next week’s episode of “Mr. Mercedes.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 6 of the Audience Network series, Deborah (Kelly Lynch) attempts to make a change for the better, but her son, Brady (Harry Treadaway), interferes.

In the trailer for the episode, Brady — soon after his interview with his bosses ended — finds out that Deborah has sent him multiple text messages, informing him that he’ll be using his car. She’s also begging him to call her, but because he’s in the middle of the interview, he fails to do so.

While Brady is very much worried about Deborah’s whereabouts, the promo clip shows his mom doing just fine. In fact, Deborah looks chicer and more organized than the usual. Is she applying for a job?

In Season 1, episode 5, Deborah realized that Brady has been working so hard and probably needs some time off. Later that day, she accidentally left a pan on the stove. While that didn’t cause fire, the mother and son have to pay a fine for violating the nuisance code. If that unfortunate incident shook Deborah to her core, then it won’t be surprising if she does look for a job to help Brady with their expenses.

Brady (Harry Treadaway) is worried about Deborah’s (Kelly Lynch) whereabouts in Season 1, episode 6 of “Mr. Mercedes.” Photo: Audience Network

Meanwhile, Janey (Mary-Louise Parker) is still upset at Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) after he admitted to partly blaming her late sister, Olivia (Ann Cusack), for the jobs fair massacre. “I’m so pissed at you,” Janey tells the retired detective when she meets him at Thornwell Medical Center.

Apparently, Janey tells Hodges to come to the medical center to talk to her niece, Holly (Justine Lupe), who may know something about Olivia’s death. “It was the voices that killed [Olivia],” Holly tells Hodges in the trailer.

According to the official description of the character, Holly is diagnosed with OCD, Synesthesia and Sensory Processing Disorder. Although she’s somewhere on the spectrum, Holly is terribly observant, refreshingly unfiltered and oddly endearing because of her unawareness of her innocence. She, too, is a computer wizard.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Brady — through his computer — takes a closer look at the plate number of Hodges’ car. He then makes a makeshift explosive device using a demolition block. Is Brady planning to blow up Hodges’ car?

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