Episode 5 Synopsis, Trailer, Sneak Peek Released

Bridgette struggles forgiving Rafi in this week’s installment of “SMILF.”

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 5 of the Showtime series, three scenarios play out for Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) as she grapples with forgiving Rafi (Miguel Gomez) for getting their son baptized behind her back last episode.

The different scenarios start to play out for Bridgette after she takes a magic mushroom given by Eliza’s (Raven Goodwin) sister. In a sneak peek from the episode, Eliza’s sister offers to give Eliza and Bridgette some magic mushrooms after she hears the two freaking out about the impending arrival of her and Eliza’s dad.

“You guys, both of you need to chill out,” Eliza’s sister says. Her composure amazes Eliza, prompting her to ask how she manages to be calm despite the imminent arrival of their dad. “I’m on mushrooms,” she casually reveals.

When Bridgette asks if she’s on magic mushrooms, Eliza’s sister replies, “Yeah, my friend is doing her dissertation on mushroom’s effects on depression and anxiety.” When Eliza’s sister asks if they want some, Bridgette quickly asks if it’s bad to take one while her and Rafi’s son is around.

“Don’t freak out cause it’s just micro dose,” Eliza’s sister explains. “It might even make you a better parent. It just chills you out, your mind gets really clear.”

In the trailer for the episode, Rafi comes to Eliza’s place where Bridgette and Larry are currently staying. Because it’s Father’s Day, Rafi wants to see Larry, but it appears that Bridgette is still mad at him for what he did.

Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) grapples with forgiving Rafi (Miguel Gomez) in Season 1, episode 5 of “SMILF.” Photo: Showtime

Apparently, Bridgette is also upset with her mom Tutu (Rosie O’Donnell) who supported Rafi’s decision to secretly get Larry baptized. Tutu, however, thinks that Bridgette is overreacting. When Bridgette asks Tutu why she allowed Rafi to get Larry baptized, Tutu answers: “So somebody put water on his head. What’s the big deal?”

Elsewhere in trailer, Bridgette sort of gets an indecent proposal from her boss Ally (Connie Britton). “I was going to ask you if you would ever consider doing a sleepover with Mr. Daddy and me … where we touch each other genitals,” Ally tells Bridgette. Shocked by what she’s heard, the part-time tutor just blurts out an awkward “OK.”

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