Enjoy a memorable trip by staying at the Best Hotel in Dalhousie


Lush green landscape, snow covered peaks and picturesque local scenery, this is the picture that comes to mind when we think about Dalhousie. One of the most famous hill stations of India, Dalhousie is an ideal retreat for people who wish to escape the hot and sultry weather of the country. It is located in the district of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh state. The mountain range of Dhauladhar is the perfect backdrop of the verdant valley that is so famous with local and international tourists. Every year thousands of tourists come to Dalhousie from all parts of the world to experience its natural charm and splendor.



This enchanting hill station is named after a viceroy of India, Lord Dalhousie, who used this place as a summer retreat during the British period. Bureaucrats used to spend the summer season in its cool and pleasant weather. The climate of Dalhousie stays cold throughout the year, with heavy rains in the months of June to September. Tourists can also enjoy snow fall in the months of December and January. The enthralling beauty of its lush green and sprawling valleys engulfs everyone who comes to this hill station. The Hotels in Dalhousie are very famous for their warm hospitality and top quality service. Tourists love to enjoy the personalized service and beautiful ambience, which is the prime feature of these hotels.



During your holiday you can also plan to visit Dalhousie and experience the best of facilities and natural beauty that this place has to offer. Dalhousie offers a wide array of attractions and tourist spots, where people can spend their time. There is so much to see and enjoy in Dalhousie, like Victorian style architecture, beautifully decorated churches and temples to markets and picnic spots, that one can get spoilt for choice. Being in Dalhousie and staying at one of its top class hotels, is a memorable experience in itself. The beautifully decorated and welcoming  Dalhousie Hotels offer a very unique experience to tourists. The hotels are fully occupied throughout the year, because of the constant inflow of tourists.



People can roam in the streets or check out the handicrafts and other locally produced items available in the shops, to know about the culture and traditions of Dalhousie more closely. For accommodation, there are many reputed and comfortable hotels, which are suitable for every budget. Tourists can easily find a Hotel in Dalhousie  according to their requirements. With so many beautiful…

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