Engaged Tennis Players Prefer to Be on the Same Side of the Net

Only once during their relationship have they had to play each other: in April, in the second round of qualifying at a WTA tournament in Rabat, Morocco. Perrin won easily, 6-1, 6-2.

Moore said the experience did not feel as strange for them as many of their friends on tour feared it would be.

“It was like as if you played your best friend,” she said. “You go on court, play your match, then you give each other a little bit of space afterward, and then you’re fine. I think you just have to be mature enough to differentiate between a game and your life.”

There was soon business at hand for the pair: Perrin’s next match.

“We started speaking about her next match because I was her on-court coach,” Moore, 25, said. “We watched a bit of her next opponent’s match, and so the world goes back to normal. Life goes on.”

Professional tennis can be a lonely road for lower-ranked players like Perrin (No. 193) and Moore (No. 328). But they have each other to lean on.

“You don’t travel with a coach,” Moore said. “You don’t travel with your family that often. We’re really lucky that we do the same sport and have each other.”

Dating someone outside tennis, Perrin added, can lead to resentments.

“It’s different when you date someone else who doesn’t really understand tennis and all the traveling and stuff like that,” Perrin said. “We understand that of course we need to travel sometimes apart.”

The two mostly travel together now and are each other’s most frequent training partners.

“I think people would be shocked at how normal it is,” Moore said. “After we practice together, we give each other a high-five; it’s not like we start making out on the court. We’re best friends at the end of the day. That’s the foundation of our relationship, and that’s more important to me than anything else.”

They are also partners on the court, playing doubles together whenever possible.

“It’s like double the motivation because you have someone whom you want to have win just as much as you want yourself to win,” Moore said.

Playing together can also have challenges. Perrin said she was more easily distracted when she first began to play with Moore during their relationship.

“You just feel more,” Perrin said. “If she doesn’t feel good in the beginning, my focus will go a lot on her, more than if I play with someone else. With her, I’m more…

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