Energy PR: Powering a Positive Impact

Energy is unquestionably one of the most important and critical issues facing our world today. It dominates the global economic and political agenda and touches all our lives. Indeed, decisions we make now about how we generate, manage, distribute, use and pay for our energy in the years to come may well determine the future for all of us.


Little wonder then that energy has drawn the attention of the media and is covered virtually on a daily basis. And reporters and journalists are keenly interested in the role of technology within the energy story and what it can do to help us solve some of the considerable problems we face associated with long-term energy generation and supply. In addition, the energy issue is very much on the minds of influential bloggers.


Energy PR can help shape the debate in a number of ways…


Energy PR can be an invaluable source of news and a critical education source for consumers. For example, through an energy PR program consumers can learn about improving the energy efficiency of their homes and something we do know is that with the warm summer months approaching, cooling season is just around the corner, which means higher energy usage and increased bills. A concerted energy PR campaign will advise consumers that there is a way to save money during this time by alerting them to the fact that many utilities will provide an expert to conduct a comprehensive energy assessment of your home. By receiving an energy assessment, consumers could save themselves hours of hard work and better understand how to become more energy efficient and where their money is being spent when it comes to energy usage.


A great example of energy PR at work come from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund’s Home Energy Solutions program which helps residents by sending trained specialists to their homes to perform the assessment, make on-the-spot improvements and provide rebates on appliances, HVAC systems and insulation, for starters….

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