Endless Rolls Out to Incarcerated Youth Across Five U.S. States in Innovative Juvenile Justice Education Program

Endless today announced that it has joined forces with World Possible, a non-profit organization that shares the Endless mission to help improve access and equity in digital global education, in a project that is rolling out the Endless operating system to correctional facilities across Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Florida and Utah. Giving juvenile offenders access to cutting-edge technologies and digital skills is a radical idea in the world of corrections, where security concerns typically ban these types of activities. The program allows incarcerated youth to access valuable online educational content without actually going on the internet.

Both Endless and the World Possible project rely exclusively on open-source and Creative Commons-licensed technologies that work even without internet connectivity. Endless OS was field-tested in developing parts of the world under conditions similar to those at U.S. prisons where educational opportunities are often constrained by infrastructure and accessibility. Tapping into the unique offline capabilities and robust educational catalog of the Endless OS and World Possible’s standalone wireless content server called RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning), this provides young offenders with a technology-based education experience similar to what they might get in public schools.

Jeremy Schwartz, executive director of World Possible, commented, “Designed to help these young people broaden their digital literacy while also showing they are trustworthy, this program is an important tool for reducing recidivism and expanding opportunity as incarcerated populations transition out of custody. Our work with Endless has had a tremendous impact.”

Recently, a delegation from Endless has been assisting with the project at the…

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