Encore Energy, Inc. Proudly Supports and Endorses Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s Red Tape Reduction Initiative

Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that the Company proudly supports and endorses Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s Red Tape Reduction Initiative. This program is critically important to Kentucky’s oil and gas industry, especially as it relates to smaller operators and producers in the Commonwealth.

Steve Stengell is President CEO, Chairman and the Founder of Encore Energy, Inc. Joseph Hooper serves as the Company’s Executive Vice President and Director.

About Encore Energy, Inc.

Encore Energy, Inc. is a bonded well operator that has made significant oil discoveries in Kentucky. The company is currently production testing a horizontal Berea oil well in Johnson County, Kentucky with plans to drill three (3) immediate horizontal well locations, supporting the employment of more than 75 highly-skilled and highly-paid oil and gas industry jobs in the most impoverished and rural areas of the Commonwealth.

Encore Energy, Inc. currently controls thousands of lease acres in Warren County and has expanded into Butler, Ohio, Cumberland, Lawrence, Johnson and potentially other counties of Kentucky. Encore is the most active operator in south central Kentucky and has developed strategic relationships with landowners, field contractors, well service companies, petroleum geologists and other industry professionals. Encore’s operation has supported literally hundreds of oil and gas industry jobs in south central Kentucky. Encore ships its crude oil directly to the Continental Refinery in Somerset.

Encore’s objective is to provide each partner with monthly income, ROI, clear communication, long-term production, low-cost drilling, asset protection and a 100% IDC tax deduction of their investment. Encore’s partners are accredited investors (SEC definition) and include high net worth individuals, corporations, family offices and qualified investment groups. Encore believes that it mitigates risk and preserves investor capital through the diversification of multiple-well projects and by utilizing state-of-the industry horizontal well technology.

The oil and gas business is complicated and involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty. Encore Energy, Inc., serving as the managing general partner and well operator of each project, works diligently to provide each qualified SEC defined accredited…

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