Emsi Launches Location Economics Team for Advanced Site Selection and Scientific Decision Support

Emsi is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Wayne Gearey, a leading expert in the field of site selection and location economics. Dr. Gearey, the former chief data scientist for JLL’s award-winning global location intelligence team, will be combining extensive experience in site selection analysis with Emsi’s comprehensive database of regional workforce and economic data to produce unparalleled insight in location intelligence.

Gearey will be leading Emsi’s team for location economics and will be joined by expert CRE site selection analysts, Samantha Wriker and Ryan Chambers, as well as economist Eric Walker and account executive Doug Heckman.

Site selection is the search for the most favorable location for operational and financial success. Traditionally, site selection has been a process built on formidable relationships, local expertise and handshakes. However, in today’s hyper-local, connected global economy where the workforce is increasingly nimble, companies need to be more responsive and have the same ability to expand, consolidate, or open new locations quickly. Today, site selection is rapidly evolving and Dr. Gearey plans to lead the charge with new spatial data that provides rich location intelligence on an easy-to-use GIS platform.


Location economics brings the best of location intelligence and CRE econometric data to model the potential for future business success within a market by analyzing the “location of things” such as the division of labor, number of customers, competition and distribution of goods within a complex business ecosystem. Every company, even companies within the same industry, has unique requirements for success. The team’s mixed-method approach to performing geostatistical, contextual, qualitative and quantitative analysis to rank and compare markets that uncovers a precise, client-specific geography of opportunity is unparalleled.

Dr. Gearey states, “This scientific approach for advanced site selection through the theory of location economics provides clients with greater validity and reliability throughout their decision-making process. We mitigate risk by reducing the common data errors that occur when analyzing macro and micro comparisons of markets and submarkets. I am thrilled to join Emsi and provide clients with location economics…

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