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Learn to Lead and Motivate


There is a saying, “Leadership is not what you do, but who you are.” However, this is only partially the true reality. Successful leader should be one that not only can communicate well, but most importantly, he must be able to connect with people. Who you are represents your inner self, while what you do correspond to your outer self.


Motivational leadership is originated by seeing yourself as a role model or an example to the others to follow. Visualize yourself to be someone who sets the standards that the others follow. Successful leaders always set high level of accountabilities for themselves and their behaviours. They assume that others are watching them and setting standards by what they do. As the Chinese saying goes, “If the top beam is not straight, the lower beams will be crooked”, it simply means that if a leader sets a bad example, subordinates are likely to follow suit.


In this world, there are many types of power and 2 most common are called attribute power and position power.


Position power is the power or authority that is tagged with a job title or position in an organization, so if you are a manager, you automatically have certain powers and privileges to order people about and make certain decision. In this situation, you can be a leader whether or not anyone likes you.


Attribute power is the power you acquire by being who you are. In this society, they are always some people that do not hold high position in the organization but are still being looked up by the others. These are the people that make up the qualities of real leaders because of their inner character and personalities.


Confucius once said, “He who would be the master must be servant of all”. The one who projects himself or herself as a servant and does everything possible to assist others to perform at their best is engaging the highest form of servant leadership.


4 qualifying elements of successful leader


Vision – Leader must have this single quality, vision that will separate them from followers. They must be able to see the full picture, while followers are caught in the daily activities.


Integrity – To establish yourself as a respected leader, integrity is a must and you must have honesty with regards to everything that you say and do.


Courage – Once you set a high goal or standard, you will definitely meet tough obstacles along the way, so you must have the courage and determination…

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