Employment law training sessions provided by Peninsula


Whether you’re a business owner, employer or manager, you can never predict what kind of problems might come your way. What’s more, it’s unlikely that you’ll instinctively know the right way to deal with those problems, or how to remain legally compliant when faced with issues like hiring and firing, holiday pay or pensions. Peninsula’s employment law training courses cover all these areas and more, providing a comprehensive grounding in all the aspects of legislation that employers need to be aware of.

Because these classes are delivered to groups of HR staff and managers from your business exclusively, the material can be adapted to your requirements and particular situation. This can include bespoke health and safety training courses for employers, which is particularly handy considering the diverse and industry-specific nature of the legislation. Health and safety at work is widely regarded as red tape, but is definitely worth taking seriously as it will protect your business in the event of an accident in the workplace.

Employment law advice

As well as employment law training courses, Peninsula clients can get advice whenever they need it from a range of sources. An email Advice Service and an entire library of guidance notes are included in the Peninsula Online resource centre. Clients can also access personalised employment documentation in their Peninsula Online hub. Additionally, there is Peninsula’s 24-7 employers law advice hotline, where you can chat to an expert whenever you need to about anything from redundancies to holiday pay entitlement.


HR training and outsourcing


As part of Peninsula’s HR outsourcing services, clients can book a session of intensive HR training. Needs and circumstances vary from business to business. Employer law advice is clearly better if it’s bespoke; so, the areas covered by these sessions are tailored to the client, as well as the size and industry of their organisation.

Peninsula HR outsourcing is designed to work alongside your existing human resources department, freeing them up to focus on more strategic projects. In our training classes, they could learn how the latest legislation affects retirement age, pensions or maternity, how to deal with bullying in the workplace or how to combat work related stress, all the while maintaining a good employer/employee relationship.


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