EMNS, Inc. Joins UI LABS To Help Foster Digital Manufacturing

EMNS, Inc, the providers of GSQA®, a leading enterprise class supplier quality management and visibility application, joined the UI LABS network by becoming a member of the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). This commitment helps DMDII extend the digital thread into the supply chain, complementing the digital design and production capabilities provided by its many other members.

DMDII promotes the idea of a digital thread within a manufacturer’s facilities. This thread connects design, production and part inspection, creating parts that have a digital lifecycle. GSQA provides a unique capability to extend the data created by these systems to the supplier community, enabling a manufacturer’s supply chain to digitally track inbound material characteristics critical to finished goods quality.

“We seek to not only help the large OEM’s, but, also the small to medium manufacturers,” states Bill Benda, EMNS’ CEO. “GSQA’s collaborative approach to specification management, ongoing supplier certifications and inbound material quality ensures that all manufacturers can have the same digital capabilities in their supply chain that they have inside large organizations.”

“We encourage service providers like GSQA to join DMDII, and provide their experiential insights into the digital conversation,” said Lizabeth Stuck, Director of Membership Engagement. “Their experience in supply chain visibility and accountability will be valued as we connect the digital thread to both large and small manufacturers.”

EMNS, Inc. seeks to provide its GSQA capabilities to DMDII members through the Digital Manufacturing Commons (DMC). The DMC is an open-source, online platform for connecting communities and sharing solutions across the manufacturing product life cycle. It allows distributed teams to collaborate within a common virtual workspace by linking people, data, and tools. Learn more about the DMC at http://opendmc.org/ and visit the DMC itself at https://portal.opendmc.org.

About EMNS, Inc.

For over 20 years, GSQA has provided operations, procurement and quality departments with digitally driven supply chain visibility, while supporting regulatory compliance. Delivered in a SaaS model, GSQA supports both global and regional manufacturers in automotive, food and…

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