Email Pen Pals Provide You A Better Option To Be In Touch With Your Prisoner Friends

It is just next to impossible to think that all the prisoners will be out one day, and will start communicating with the outside world. They can’t contact anyone outside prison walls, in this way rehabilitation is getting affected in an antagonistic way. Prison lowers down the self-esteem of a person, thereby inviting confusion and other forms of internal riots.

Social adjustment of prisoners

These prisons take out the ability of a person to reconnect to the outside world after getting released from prison. Very recently, the inmates have taken the permission from the judiciary to use the internet, not just for communication sake, but also to tell their stories to others, so that they can collect support from outside.

While other inmates write about their personal growth along with sharing creative writing artwork on the internet. If you want to see better results in inmates after bail, then you must constantly emphasize maximizing the regular visits in a day to discourage dysfunctional social withdrawal of inmates. Allowing inmate pen pals to contact with the world outside the prison gates can actually provide recognized rehabilitative benefits.

Why internet is a better option?

According to a survey based on prisoners, it has been found out that most of them have a distinctly lower level of life quality and dignity, but suffers a higher level of tension and low spirits leading to an extremely composed psychological well-being.

In earlier days people used to write letters to their pen pal friends in jails, but now with such a great advancement in technology, which is known as the internet has vanished the award letter. The internet is a better option over letters because here you are getting easy access to your friend while saving time. The internet provides quick response whereas one has to wait for a letter to come as a reply.

How writing to pen pals can benefit them?

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