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The success of your email marketing isn’t always immediately obvious. More than having a growing list with 1,000s of emails on it, a successful email marketing program also focuses on open rates, click throughs and other key metrics to track its success.

Thinking about sorting through reports and working with numbers can cause even the most mathematically-inclined to develop an eye twitch. Here at FeedBlitz HQ, we work to make this as simple, and headache-free, as possible. Offering a full fleet of metrics you can follow, you’re able to decide precisely which metrics are most important and easily track the progress.

Types of Email Delivery Metrics and Reports

FeedBlitz offers three categories of email marketing reports: At-A-Glance, Summary and In-Depth Metrics. All accessible from your Mailing List dashboard, these reports are found in the Mailing Activity section:

At-a-Glance reporting comes in the form of the FeedBlitz Heat Map. This report allows you to quickly see what links were clicked in individual mailings. Learn more about our Heat Maps in this FeedBlitz Quick Tips blog post.

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Summary reports can be accessed by selecting Insights as shown above. This report shows the Subscriber Stats along with Mailing Stats for the month selected. You will also be able to quickly identify which mailings for that month were deemed most and least engaging, opened and clicked.


In-Depth Metrics reports take a closer look into specific target points related to your email marketing. These delivery metrics and reports include:

  • Delivery Metrics:  The number of emails successfully sent, opened, clicked, bounced (both soft and hard), unsubscriptions and complaints, as well as forwards the email received.

  • Engagement Report: Closer look at how your subscribers reacted to…

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