Elite Iraqi troops torture, execute civilians in footage captured by photojournalist Video

Transcript for Elite Iraqi troops torture, execute civilians in footage captured by photojournalist

We begin with an ABC news investigation in a place where cameras rarely go, inside the fight against ISIS. This story involves a photo journalist embedded with Iraqi soldiers working with America to take down ISIS. But what this reporter witnessed on the front lines was far from heroic. He saw these U.S. Allies torturing and murdering civilians, behavior that’s being described as nothing short of sadistic. Here’s ABC’s chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Reporter: In the fight to destroy ISIS, these elite Iraqi soldiers have been appraispraised by the U.S. As helping to lead the charge. These are the men of what’s called the Iraqi emergency response division. The erd. Their battlefield exploits captured in this combat video licensed by ABC news. They are against ISIS. Reporter: The hours of video and still photos are the result of great battlefield courage by this Iraqi photo journalist, Ali akadi, who was embedded last year with the emergency response division. But tonight akadi is showing another kind of courage, blowing the whistle on soldiers he followed and became friends with. Revealing for the first time graphic scenes of torture and murder of civilians. Some too horrific to be broadcast. It all raises the question of whether the U.S. Is turning a blind eye. Was this happening all the time? This is happening all the time. Reporter: Arkadi is an award-winning photo journalist whose work for the respected agency 7 shows the human side of war. The victims. The orphans. The soldiers. I’m photo journalist from Iraq — Reporter: Invited to travel with the emergency response division, his original idea was to feature these two Iraqi soldiers as heroes. A captain from the Sunni sect of Islam. And a corporal from the shia sect. So your idea was to show a positive story. Yeah. People from both sides of the religion. Yeah. Working together against ISIS….

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