Elena Georgian’s Panties (Chapter II)


A fictional story of an encounter between myself and my friend, the young and upcoming Romanian soprano or soprano; (as this voice is called in Romania) Elena Georgian. Elena Georgian having that beauty about her as to make any character she plays come alive in all that are her sensuality and emotions.


I had Elena Georgian’s panties in my pocket and held them their like a treasure which to a large extent had been stolen and thus did I caress them as they lay in my possession. My fingers and their very light tips gliding over this item of clothing with even an unreasonable fear not to cause anything but delight upon my Elena’s femininity and her emotions which did have a tendency of being ever so fickle as is the caprice of soprano. It definitely being a product of my own mind and imagination that through this most delicate undergarment of hers; I could tenderly stroke my dearest Elena’s rose. This as if my fingers had been given license to do so and as if with every gentle passing they could inspire Elena Georgian’s garden to moisture of the kind which so sweetly welcomed further delicacies from my tongue. All to the point that the part of my anatomy nature so much intended to finish such a conquest would be required yet that was for another moment for the present one required me to find my soprana; as she is called in her native Romania.


Where had Elena gone, I knew not yet the feel of her panties was as if a link to her which I could feel so strongly as to make me of the creed that she could not be far off.  I even laughing to myself that I had taken down her rose’s shield and that given it had been me to do so, it could only by mine that would make its way on to her garden; for hers had been exposed for my exclusive benefit. This sensation being strongly urged on by my root which seemed to be guiding me in my search to find my Elena and her exposed rose which instincts told me was desperately in need of the coup de grace which was mine and…

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