Elastic Beam Exits Stealth Mode, Unveils API Behavioral Security, the First Solution Purpose Built for Detecting and Blocking Cyber Attacks Targeting API Infrastructures

Elastic Beam today announced the unveiling of its flagship solution, API Behavioral Security (ABS). ABS is the first AI-powered software platform able to detect and block cyberattacks that target APIs to compromise corporate data and systems – in public clouds, hybrid clouds, or on premise. ABS requires no predefined policies, security rules, or attack signatures, and can stop attacks that are new and constantly changing. Its comprehensive API activity reporting simplifies forensic analysis and facilitates meeting compliance requirements.

APIs bring great economic benefits but also represent a major security risk for all organizations as they make it easier for hackers to reach into their line-of-business applications, systems and databases.

“API security vulnerabilities have been publicized… Because APIs make digital business work, securing them is essential to managing this digital risk,” notes Gartner, Inc. in Top 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About APIs and the API Economy, Paolo Malinverno et al, 25 January 2017.

Elastic Beam combines advanced AI techniques with strong API behavior expertise to identify and stop cyberattacks that use APIs to gain control of systems and data. Its solution overlays on existing API infrastructures to protect API Gateways, API Management platforms, and APIs implemented directly on application servers.

“Analyzing the behavior of all types of API threats and proactively responding, while also adding to your real time awareness of what threatens your API infrastructure is the next step in the evolution and maturing of the API economy,” said Kin Lane, the API Evangelist. “This is what Elastic Beam is working to do.”

According to a Coleman Parkes Research Ltd. Survey, 88% of enterprises are using APIs in their business. In fact, deployments of APIs in Clouds,…

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