El Centro Hispano Sponsor James Scott Farrin Attend Plaza Comunitaria Graduation

“This is one of the most rewarding events I attend. The stories of struggles for a better life will bring you to tears,” said James Scott Farrin Personal Injury Attorney Anabel Rosa.

James Scott Farrin Personal Injury Attorneys Anabel Rosa, Cali Schmitt, and Rosa Antunez will attend the 2017 El Centro Hispano’s Plaza Comunitaria program, as Hispanic/Latino adults receive their elementary and secondary educational degrees on Thursday, June 29th. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Durham Armory Center in downtown Durham.

The firm supports this program through its sponsorship of El Centro Hispano. These attorneys and other members of the James Scott Farrin Latino Affairs Committee and other staff will also be in attendance.

In collaboration with the Mexican Consulate, El Centro Hispano’s Plaza Comunitaria program provides adults with the opportunity to learn to read and write and complete their elementary and middle school educations. When each level of education has been completed, participants receive the appropriate certificate from the Mexican Public Education Department through the Mexican Consulate. This certificate is valid in the U.S. and in all Latin American countries.

Rosa said, “This is one of the most rewarding events I attend. The stories of struggles for a better life will bring you to tears. I remember this one graduate last year whose child had graduated with honors from Duke, and this mom (the graduate) decided it was time that she learned to read and write. For years, she cleaned rooms at a hotel for $6 a room just to be able to feed her children and support them – as a single mom.”

Rosa who chairs the City of Durham’s Mayor’s Hispanic/Latino Committee is very involved in the Hispanic/Latino community and has occasionally been a resource for El Centro Hispano, Univision 40, WRAL, and quoted in several Spanish publications.

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin places great emphasis on North Carolina’s roughly 1 million Hispanic/Latino residents and has more than 35 bilingual staff to help serve this community. Firm founder and president, James S. Farrin, whose childhood, for the most part, was spent outside the U.S., and whose teenaged daughter volunteers as a tutor at El Centro Hispano said,…

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